Palm City, 1986...

... where the nights are long.  Where the nights are hot.  Where the night belongs to detective Colt Zenner, and tonight’s his night off.  Or so he thinks.  When a pop star turns in evidence against a crime lord, Zenner must take the case and protect her from reprisal at her charity concert.  Colt Zenner may have the night off, but crime doesn’t.  

  These are the stories of Colt Zenner, the embodiment of everything I love about 80s cop/action movies.  Cobra, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Tango & Cash, To Live and Die in LA, and too many to name, these all hold a place in my weird synthy heart.  This is just the first of many adventures and cliches for him to get into.  There is so much more I want to do with him, and so much more inspiration I have to gain from the 80s.  He is my gateway into the absurd that only comics can provide and that film may not have even greenlit in the 80s.

I have playlists for every book I draw, but this got a soundtrack I put together on Spotify.

Zenner Soundtrack

Check out Colt Zenner in his first adventure in "Sunset | Sunrise," a 71 page B&W slam bang action thriller.  It can be found in my store and you can look at a preview below.

Check out Colt Zenner in action.