The year is 2085. World War IV: The Metahuman War is at its peak. The world's greatest superhero, Centura, returns from a ten year absence and goes to Europe to stop the war. It has been three days and no one has heard from him. It's now up to his former sidekick and a new breed of heroes to discover his fate, and the fate of the world at large.

  It's hard to create new superheroes, almost impossible to create a new world for them with such a rich history that all the modern superheroes have.  So I started at the end.  They are still super, but no longer heroes, there is no black and white.  There is the world, and the directions it is headed in.  There are people, and how they deal with an ever changing political landscape and social perception that defined who they we're for so long.  And of course there is the conflict, when two ideologies come to blows.

2085 is a 168 page full color graphic novel can be purchased from my store as well as found digitally on Comixology by clicking here.



2085 Preview here...